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Home Style Indonesian Food


Everyone knows Batan Waru. Conveniently located in the heart of Ubud, and at Lippo Mall in Kuta, Batan Waru always has something for you. Known foremost for offering Bali's most interesting and delicious selections of Indonesian food, Batan Waru caters to all tastes by also offering International options.

Our Indonesian menu and daily specials feature the cuisine of the archipelago. How about Fish Roasted in Banana Leaves, Mountain Fern Tips with Coconut and Spices, Vegetarian Curry, Balinese Smoked Duck, or a Bali Fisherman's Dinner. Want something adventurous? Go for Manadonese Fish Head Soup.

Weekly events are not to be missed. Try the island's best Chili Crab every Tuesday night in Ubud and Sunday night in Kuta, or savor seven different regional satays every Sunday night in Ubud and Wednesday night in Kuta. And come down for a barbecue every Saturday night in Kuta.

Rice, pasta, and bread lovers will find lots to eat for lunch and dinner. You'll see plenty of locals digging into our authentic Nasi Campur and Soto Ayam, rubbing elbows with their friends who prefer a Grilled Panini Sandwich or Penne Pasta with Roasted Vegetables. For a lighter meal, try a Salade Niçoise with grilled fresh tuna, or our delicious Salad of the Day What makes it all taste so good? Besides our great recipes and choice ingredients, all our spice and curry pastes are ground by hand on premises, without the addition of MSG.

Why not start your morning with a freshly prepared breakfast. Try our Eggs Benedict on housemade English Muffins, or Wholegrain Blueberry Pancakes with real maple syrup. For a lighter touch, how about an all-butter croissant, scones, fresh yogurt, or a bowl of Bali's famous Black Rice Pudding.

For dessert, we head West for a delicious taste of home: Apple Blueberry Crumble, Chocolate Tartine with Raspberry Salsa, Broadway Cheesecake, and Florida Lime Pie, capped by Arabica cappuccinos and espressos, served hot or iced.

Bebek Betutu

Iconic Balinese Dish

Balinese whole duck smoked in betel leaves with traditional spice paste. Comes complete with turn lawar, sate, pecel and rice.

Nasi Campur Batanwaru

A Local Favorite !

Balinese mixed rice plate with tempe, red chili chicken, chicken sate, long beans in kalasan sauce, whole prawn fritter and egg.


Traditional Bread

Savory chicken and egg in crisp pastry with a side pickled acar and and sweet sour sauce.


Party time

Kafe Batan Waru can cater to any party or event irrespective of how big or small. We specialize in catering with personalised service and special menus on request. In our menu palette, you’ll discover unique and sophisticated tastes - all of which will help you uncover the true greatness of the Indonesian cuisine.

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Free Delivery in Ubud


Looking for food delivery nearby? Not everybody knows or has the time to prepare tasty food.

When you want to get served like a king then food delivery from Batan Waru will be your best choice.

Simply select "Delivery" at the checkout screen and we hope you'll appreciate our food delivery service.